Eyes of SWILD

  Barefoot Water Skiing at the Brett Davis International Water Ski School, California

Paul with instructor, Bob

It seems all the barefoot instructors have lots and lots of muscles. Hopefully we would stand some chance of learning to barefoot at the Brett Davis Water Ski School.

Heading out

After a quick few lessons, and being suited out with a padded wet suit, we hit the road. Use the pole on the side of the boat and a monoski to get you up first time, then just step onto the water and barefoot.

Time to hang on tight

The water was real cold. The weather was misty and overcast. Jumping in from a warm boat was the hardest thing to do. Fortunately I didn't have to go first.

I'm barefooting!


Once you're up, barefooting is a breeze. What's harder is water starts from behind the boat. You have to lie on your back with your neck arched backwards. After a real fast start, it's possible to sit up and then stand up. I did some very SWILD wipe outs.

Get the water start for the opening sequence but have the camera from the skier's eyes. (especially the water start).


TeamSWILD poses for the camera. We all got up in one way or another with plenty of wipe outs shared amongst us. It sure felt good when you're barefooting! This should a great scene which introduces 'Roxanne' on Lake Tahoe.