Eyes of SWILD


White Water Boogie Boarding on the American South Fork, California

Boogie board!
White water boogie boarding is absolutely SWILD. If you thought rafting was out there, wait until you jump in some gnarly rapids and all the separates you from death is a flimsy boogie board. The movie shots alone will never come close to the exhilaration of boarding through the rapids. There is so much adrenaline flowing, you become part of the river.

Heading out

Team SWILD heads out for their first rapid. We have a back up rescue raft and two kayakers in case we get into trouble. The water is freezing but our wet suits with webbed gloves keep us warm.


It's photo time. Lot's of smiles before we plunge in. No one had any idea of the adventure that lay before us.

Time to eat

Camping the night before is a great way to relax. There's something about staring into the glowing embers of a fire that soothes the spirit inside.

Suiting up

Charles suits up with all his muscles bulging. Making sure the wet suits fit as they are key to keeping you warm and toasty.

Kick, kick, kick!

The boogie board has two grips you can hold onto. Once you hit the rapids you better not let go, as you may disappear into a 'hole'.

Rescue raft

The rescue raft was always around. It makes a big difference when there is backup.

I'm going into the hole ...

The one thing you've got to watch out for are the enormous holes that pop up in some of the rapids. Just hold on, take a deep breath and enjoy.