Eyes of SWILD


Bungee Jumping - Golden Gate Bridge, Hot Air Balloons and Cranes

Bungee jumping the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, North Tower, San Francisco 2:25am. It's a long way down. 280 feet or so.

As long as you don't hit a seagull on the way down or bounce off a boat, it's a great ride - very SWILD. The fog horns are going off (get processed for surround sound), there's the rumble of the traffic above you and the fear that the police will catch you like the jumpers last night. One thing is for sure - it really is a long way down.

Hot air balloon bungee jumping

Jumping from a hot air balloon is very different from the Golden Gate Bridge. You have to first make sure the balloon is high enough before you jump.

After the balloon bungee jump

The only way down after a bungee jump is for the balloon to come down. The problem is that you land first, and then are taken for a ride (dragged) until the balloon comes to a stop..

Crane bungee jumping

Crane bungee jumping can get a little nerve wracking. The ground is comparatively close. Everyone is heckling you. And if you're trying to do a head dunk into a bucket of water, it's best not to miss.

Ankle drops ..

An ankle drop off a bridge can be quite spectacular. You really are in the hands of your bungee master. And no matter what you think, when they let you go, gravity really takes over fast.


It's a great feeling once you are in free fall. Especially here with a backwards jump off from a bridge where you can see your friend's disappearing from view as you plummet to the ground.

Thumbs Up

Here's Paul after the Golden Gate Bridge bungee jump. There's so much adrenaline pumping through your body, it feels if you are on Mars.

Golden Gate bungee jumpers

All the bungee jumpers needed to dress in black clothing in order to evade the police and GG security patrols. It takes approximately one hour to traverse under the bridge to the jump zone.

Tim and Paul prior to the fateful jump. Paul got into his skydiving 'zone' and did a triple back somersault. The bungee rope, of course, wrapped around his arm and ripped it off. He was stuck hanging upside down by his ankles with his Walkman on full blast 'What's on Your Mind' by Information Society. That song will be forever etched into his mind.