Eyes of SWILD


Cenote Cave Diving - Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - December 1999

Entering the cenote

The entrance to this Yucatan cenote, about an hours drive south of Playa de Carmen, is spectacular. There are tree roots everywhere. And fresh water fish. And the most incredible blue you've ever seen. All divers should be fully certified and carry dual tanks, triple lights, triple lines and two knives. There is no substitute for excellent training.

Stalagmites and stalatites

Stalactites and stalagmites are everywhere in this crystal clear cenote. No thermoclines were noted during the dive. Fortunately there was no silt either. Other dives can be extremely dangerous due to the lack of visibility and fast currents.

Stop sign about 40m into the cenote

Paul is seen floating by the Stop signed, strategically placed 40m inside the cenote entrance. If untrained divers venture beyond this point without adequate training, they probably won't come back.

Author and German friend, Horst

Paul and Horst getting ready for their first day in the cenote. They both qualified for Level 1, as a Cave Certified Diver. Safety is paramount as is a good instructor. When you screw up while cave diving, you just die.