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  Dirt Bike Motorcycling - from California to Madagascar

Dirt bike motorcycling can be pretty exhilarating. Once you've tried it, you may be addicted for life. Dirt bikes are also an excellent way to explore developing nations when paved roads are sparse.

Outside of Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico, there are some great dirt trails. Just make sure that if you wipe out, your buddy can get you out safely.

There are very few motorcycles in Madagascar. When you pull into a village, everyone comes out to see what the noise is. You should see them jump when you honk the horn.

Bart and Paul prepare their dirt bikes in Nosy Be, an island off the north coast of Madagascar. The terrain is pretty easy going. Just watch out at dusk. In Madagascar, the bugs are really, really big. When you get two dozen bug face splats in less than five minutes, life is not too fun. Bug splats could be interesting sort of like 'Men in Black' opening sequence except the bugs are bigger here.

Hollister Hills in California has some trails specifically for dirt bikes. And they can be very challenging from ultra steep to ultra narrow with dizzying drop offs.

Carnegie Recreation Area in California has some of the steepest trails I've ever seen. Just make sure you can stomach the downhill part.

It sure helps to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle that can handle a dirt bike motorcycle with ease. Trailers are great but if you can mount it directly, it saves a lot of time. The vehicle is seen here with a hang glider as well.