Eyes of SWILD

  The Animal Markets of Gengshou, China

Snake's alive

The animal food markets of Gengshou, China (just across from Hong Kong), stock just about live animal you can think of - and then some. This snake had just been beheaded so that it could be fried up for someone's dinner.

Caged ostrich

This poor ostrich (barely alive) is stuffed into a chicken wire mesh cage. It doesn't look very appetizing. Still, it is the way things are done in China.


There are rolls upon rolls of snakeskins in this stall. It's difficult to see, but there were quite a few different types of skins to buy.

Black chickens

Here are some chickens to go. I'm not sure why some of them have been dyed black. But they certainly are fresh having just been boiled of their feathers.

Live frogs

This metal basket is full of live frogs. And they certainly were slippery. All the frogs I've tried have always tasted like chicken. They jump out of the cooking pot without a lid.

Gengshou alleyways

The alley ways of Gengshou are dim and littered with debris. I sometimes wander as I walk down each one, if I'll come out the other end.

White rabbits

This stall owner is selling white rabbits. Certainly not as pets either. They're probably pretty tasty.

Turtles galore

Turtles, turtles, and more turtles. All happily scurrying around. They all will end up as turtle soup. I'm not sure if any of these are endangered.


This wire mesh cage is full of gerbil like creatures. I was told that they are much more tasty than rabbits and can be grilled and garnished without too much trouble.

More caged animals

I can't remember what were in these cages. No matter which stall I visited, there was some poor animal trussed or locked up in a cage waiting for it's inevitable death.