Eyes of SWILD

  Gliding over the North Coast of Oahu, Hawaii

Getting strapped in

Getting strapped in sort of warns you about what's coming. The morning was bright and sharp with just a hint of adrenaline in the air. And a little bit SWILD. Great weather for filming.

On the runway

I've been cacooned in the glider with my instructor/pilot. A couple of assistants wheel us out and line us up on the runway for our aerotow.

Up, up and away

We get off pretty quickly and before you know it you're over the beautiful Hawaiian coast. The views are spectacular. Plus it got a teeny bit bumpy as well.

Gliding over the coast

Once you've done some easy turns, the pilot on my egging started a clover leaf of twists, turns, spirals and loops. I started to feel a little queasy after a while.

What a feeling!

Gliding is an incredible sport that matches the freedom of the flight with the grace f an eagle. It's very difficult to share the exhilaration of flying without an engine. Just the glider against gravity.