Eyes of SWILD

  Hang Gliding at Slide Mountain, Nevada, 2001
See also Hang Gliding with the Wings of Rogallo in California

Stryke is seen here at Slide, Nevada setting up his Wills Wing Fusion glider. Slide is a great site perched on the side of a ski mountain overlooking Reno.

There's not much room to setup - except on the road. The locals know better than to run over a glider. But with the setup area on a double yellow bend, things can and do get hairy from time to time.

Launching is a quick step over the guardrail. We'll get some great camera angles here. With the sound of the wind blowing, let's aim to get the excitement in with some great music too.

This is a local 'glider' pilot who has built his own remote controlled glider. It's amazing to watch. We'll have to get an ultralight to mount one of the digital movie cameras for air to air shots.

Aztexx assists Stryke on launch. The wind is currently blowing dwon the launch and at times cross. Not very good.

This shows the dropoff from launch in the top left corner. We'll have to experiment to see how we can convey the SWILD feeling of hang gliding.

Parapenters are also in the air. We can have a scene immediately after launch of a near midair collision just to keep the adrenaline pumping with some glider to parapente shouts.

Make sure wardrobe gets some bright colored helmets so that the audience can identify Freeve once suited up. With his face covered up, I don't want the audience losing track of who is who.

Some low camera angles will give a good effect on launch with the sound of rocks crashing down the slope. The "Clear' call will also create some tension. Once aloft, get sound effects from the remote controlled glider and superimpose them for the glider sound. This is a very majestic sound which will mesmerize the audience.

SWILD Rescue vehicle 'Koyote' is in the foreground with a partial new paint job.

We might also throw in some high performance gliders like the ATOS to keep the movie up to date. These are very impressive and will add some credibility to the scene.

Aztexx and Stryke hang out at Washoe - a good place to leave a vehicle for a later retrieve.

Looking up at the glider gives the best profile. We'll have to cut this in with the air to air shots as well as the wing shots. Should be a SWILD scene.

Stryke, Paul, and Aztexx at Slide Mountain launch reviewing script, story and plot for the proposed hang gliding scene in 'SWILD - Pure Adrenaline'.