Eyes of SWILD

  Hot Air Ballooning over the Gorge, Taos, New Mexico

Setup before dawn

Set up is real early somewhere in the New Mexican desert. It gets exciting as the balloon is unpacked and starts to spread out. The balloon is slowly filled with air from a large fan.

Time to light it up!

Once enough of the balloon is inflated, the propane gas is fired up to heat up the balloon. It's a tremendous noise. Things really start getting SWILD once the balloon as basket tilt upwards.

View of the Gorge

We hardly had anytime to jump in the basket before it whisked us up and away. Dawn was great looking down into the Gorge. The pilot actually took us into the Gorge and then back out again.


Touchdown! Landing was the interesting part. It had to be near an access road so that the basket could be carried out. We did bump once or twice without losing any of the passengers. Definitely a fun flight.