Eyes of SWILD


The Making of Koyote
Concept City of Lake Tahoe Rescue Vehicle

  • 'Koyote': concept search and rescue vehicle
  • Check out the making of Koyote II and Xeegle1, the SWILD police cruiser

Rear view of proposed 'shattering glass' design.

Front view with 'munching teeth'

Side view with 'power arrows' to front and 'zap man' towards rear.


Quest Assignments, the ad agency, did the 3D computer design again to make the yellow razor-edged SWILD attack stripes.

The rear cab design with glass has the immediacy while the engine wheel well area and hood has the speed.

The stripes come in over the hood and focus in the turbo intake area.

The front roo bar defines the rescue vehicle's 'determination'.

Rear power

Side panel striping begins.

Spraying of various vehicle parts.

White tape can be seen for striping.


The front end gets some teeth below the roo bar.

Decals are laid out for various signage.

Decal application to Koyote's front passenger door.


Reverse 'Rescue' for rear view morrors.

Side signage since chnaged to read Search & Rescue.

Rear with bumper stickers.


K9 Unit signage

Front view.

Top view.