Eyes of SWILD


Trekking The Forgotten Island of Madagascar


The wildlife of Madagascar is second to none. Due to its separation form Africa eons ago, the island has developed unique flora and fauna. There are some great lizards.

Madagascar Lemur

There are plenty of lemurs throughout the different reserves. They run in packs and can empty your rucksack of just about anything valuable if you let them.

Boabab sunset

The baobab trees are just amazing. They are different from the ones that I've seen throughout Africa. They are much bigger and have a slightly thicker branch structure.

Comoros Island beach

Galinda beach is typical of the Comoros Islands. Pretty idyllic and miles from the town center. Great to relax, sail, fish or scuba dive.

Pirogue of southern Madagascar

Some local fishermen are preparing their pirogue. They will also tow you behind the boat while you are snorkeling - it's like flying over coral.

Some of the fish caught off Madagascar are ginormous. I have never seen so many different types of fish that I couldn't identify.


Jean-Phillippe and the guide get ready for our 3 day trek across the mountains. We had to carry live chickens and fresh fruit and vegetables for our food in these untrekked areas.

Nosy Be Microliting

Microliting over Nosy Be, an island off the northern coast of Madagascar. This is a travelers area with inexpensive accommodation, great scuba diving and dirt bike motorcycling. Time to be SWILD.

Southern village

The villages throughout Madagascar are all pretty basic though always interesting. Village life appears to be pretty relaxed especially during the noon day sun.

Comoros Island marketplace

The Comoros Islands to the north of Madagascar have an Islamic influence. Here the women in the local market paint their faces to protect them from the tropical sun.

Boabab sunset

Ahhhh. The baobab sunsets of Madagascar.