Eyes of SWILD

  Street Motorcycling - From Zero to 100 mph In Less Than 3 Seconds

Racing San Francisco

'Break The Rules' was a advertising campaign for new clients. Though it looks like Paul is flying through the air off one of the hills of San Francisco (with the Trans America building in the background), it was actually shot in the studio and composited. The Suzuki GSXR 750 sure was a fun (and colorful) bike to ride.

All leathered up

One thing's for certain - make sure you have plenty of protection when you hit the road. Leathers reduce the effects of road rash when you take a spill.


A Suzuki GSXR 1100 has great acceleration. You'll be at 100 mph in under 3 seconds. You can hit 150 without trying too hard. Just remember that the peace officer's radio can always call ahead faster than you can outrun him.

Sears Point


Hanging out at Sears Point during the amateur motorcycle racing gets the SWILD adrenaline pumping. Once you are on the racetrack, you better know what you're doing. I recommend taking a class at the California Super Bike School at Laguna Seca. They'll review the basics of racing and get you on and off the track safely.