Eyes of SWILD

  Touring Namibia - From the Dunes of Sossusvlei to the Diamond Exclusion Zone

4 wheel driving

Sossusvlei Dunes are just SWILD. They dwarfed my best imagination until I actually saw them, Immense piles of sand, constantly in flux as the winds blow. Climbing to the top was a whole other issue.

Quad biking

There are a lot of dunes out there. Quad 4 wheel biking is the best way to get around. These dunes near Walwis Bay stretch for miles. I got a better understanding of how large they were when I microlited over them.

Diamond Exclusion Zone

Paul's 4 wheel Nissan was the only way to travel down the beach. It was very easy to get bogged down. Not ideal, if the tide is coming in. The Diamond Exclusion Zone is just 20 miles from here where diamonds can be found on the beaches.

Quad biking

Quad 4 wheel biking in the dunes near Swakupmond can be pretty hair raising. Unless you have a guide, apart from getting lost, you could fly off a 100ft sand cliff.

Cockroach spiders

This cockroach/spider is bigger than the palm of my hand. You couldn't miss them as they were crossing the roads in the hundreds. They can decimate fields of just about anything.

The dunes ...

The sheer size of the dunes are very difficult to convey. This photo shows how they dwarf just about everything in their vicinity. Excellent footage. Go early for best color at dawn.


Sossusvlei is a very unique area with water at certain times of the year. As the water recedes, parched mud is revealed with the remaining water changing incredible colors.

Dunes of Sossusvlei

Uncut diamonds can also be found off the coast of Namibia. The Diamond Exclusion Zone is a government controlled area. If you venture past the boundary in search of riches, they'll blow your head off (if you're caught). Still, many people do smuggle uncut diamonds out to the world's market. Diamonds to 7 carats can be found which can fetch an excellent price. When cut, a 7 carat diamond is reduced to around 3 to 4 carats. Namibian diamonds are renowned for their clarity.

Cape Cross Seals

About 2 hours north of Swakupmund, there are thousands of seals at Cape Cross. Boy do they stink! And you wouldn't believe the noise they make.