Eyes of SWILD


Rafting & Kayaking the Seti, Nepal

After a four hour ride, we arrive at the river. Time to unload and set up all the rafts and kayaks. Don't forget to load your camping gear in the watertight containers.

Adam supervises the kayakers. They act as our safety net. It's amazing how fast they can zoom across the water.

The local kids come out in droves as we raft down the Seti. They don't speak any English but its great talking to them anyway.

Insertion time. Make sure those skirts are on tight. The kayakers have to really know their stuff.

We have a number of pit stops as we raft the Seti. No matter how remote the area looks, the local children appear as if by magic.

The Seti is a warm river, milky white from the upstream sediments. Swimming is safe and fun.

After a full day's rafting, it's time to set up camp on the river bank. The food is great as is the night out under the stars.

No matter how many times I raft, it's such a thrill when the first white water surges over the bow of the raft. The SWILD adrenaline factor is always a reaffirmation of life.