Eyes of SWILD

  Trekking & Rafting Peru - From Machu Picchu to the Apurimac

White water galore

Rafting the Apurimac was like a bucking bronco. Plenty of SWILD white water, lots of kick and sometimes a real mouthful. And that water was cold. Thank goodness for the sun to warm you at the campsites.

Now the chute

The scenery was impressive. A great way to see a small part of the Andes. Relaxing in the campsite was well worth the effort but you did have to be careful of all the sand scorks. Those little crawlies ended up in a lot of sleeping bags.

Time to camp

The campsites were pretty basic but clean. Having your meal cooked for you under the stars is just magic. Some of the drinking songs especially the "African Love Song' can get a little wild if you've been drinking the local hooch.

Machu Pichu

At last - Machu Picchu. The enigmatic ancient civilization in the sky of the Andes. To wander amongst the stone buildings and then to hear the sound of a flute lifted up the mountain on the same wind as a circling hawk...

You haven't been to South America until you've been spit upon by a llama. They sure look soft and cuddly. .

The local kids can sure be colorful. Living at 14,000 feet though is pretty tough for anyone. There are a number of villages that are worth visiting.

Cuzco is a colorful city to base your travels. There's plenty of excursions for the traveler. It's also a great place to meet other travelers to exchange stories.

Chewing those coca leaves sure taste terrible. They do pack a punch though as the entire side of my mouth and face became numb from their effects.