Eyes of SWILD

  Porsche Street racing (Closed Road), Emerald Bay Road, South Lake Tahoe

Stryke is seen here with his Targa around 6:30am at the Emerald Bay Vista Point. There is very little traffic in the spring and fall apart from the bright orange garbage trucks.

The double yellow line road has very few passing points. The movie will be on a closed road so there will be some great opportunities for hairy overtaking.

These and other signs will flash by in the movie to set the tone of the Porsche street racing. As it is set in the spring, we'll have some areas of the road covered in snow.

This is a downhill stretch which will be a great part for some side by side racing. There is a medium tight turn at the bottom to sort out the winner.

Paul is here with his Boxter ready to take on Stryke. All Porsche drivers will enjoy the Tahoe roads especially up and down Spooner Summit on 50 as well as Kingsbury Grade, Nevada side after midnight.

Once you leave South Lake Tahoe the 35mph limit is lifted. Cyclists, horses and pedestrians can be found at various times of the year here.

Emerald Bay road opens up with some nice easy turns. There a number of warning signs that increase with intensity.

There are a lot of sweeping turns, some cambered, some not. The inside turn coming down the mountain is very tight. The view at dawn is incredible.

The 10mph turns are exactly what they say they are. Try them out then make your own decisions A lot of time can be picked up on the uphill turns.

Are there any 5mph turns out there? This is the lowest one I've seen in Tahoe. This is close to 'Death Curve'.

Ice makes the road a whole lot more interesting especially in spring when the road can be great in the afternoon but really ices up first thing at dawn when the road melt has turned to black ice...

Emerald bay road is closed during the winter due to the snow. Make sure you stay tuned for 'first opening' in spring typical April or May.

Getting caught in an avalanche in spring can really be a bummer. Just drive fast and don't honk your horn!