Eyes of SWILD

  Quad Biking the Rubicon Trail, Desolation Wilderness, Lake Tahoe, California

Thunbs up

All thumbs up for the quad bikes and riders, this fall Saturday in Tahoe, California. We'll soon be setting out on the original Rubicon Trail taken by the 49er settlers over 150 years ago.

Rubicon Trail

It may not look steep here, but I assure you, it felt like a vertical cliff. You had to keep your weight forward on the quad bike, otherwise you could do an unintentional wheelie.


The six SWILD quad bikers do a pose. The day's outing took us way into the Desolation Wilderness. The trails were covered in boulders, steep and unforgiving.

Wilderness Lake

Some of the lakes are just spectacular. Crystal clear water, azure skies, sun bleached tree stumps and the sound of wind blowing at high altitude.

Quad biking

Here's Paul navigating a straight forward section of the trail. As long as you keep your wits about you and watch your balance you'll probably survive the outing.

4 Wheel Driving

Believe it or not, vehicles also take to the Rubicon Trail. Unlike a quad bike which can take a beating, putting a large vehicle through the trail can be pretty much impossible. We had to rescue this pickup as it stranded itself atop a boulder. The shriek of metal against granite is pretty harsh.