Eyes of SWILD


African Safari in Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Safari montage

Touring the Serengeti is incredible. All the animals you see here have been assembled into a montage. There are so many different species to see. Some of them can be quite difficult to find as well. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is essential and gives you greater freedom than a crowded minivan. Arusha, Tanzania is an excellent starting point for safaris. We arranged a week's tour through Kudu Safaris.

4 wheel drining in Ngorongoro Crater

A good driver and English speaking guide is key to finding the wildlife. Though many animals congregate around the water holes, there can still be quite elusive to find.

Hot air ballooning

A dawn hot air balloon ride is spectacular. You can silently float over the game animals. Watching a herd of giraffes gallop below you is quite a sight.

Microliting over Vic Falls

SWILD microliting over the game parks is another (noisy) way to see the animals. You can cover quite a distance - especially important during the wet season.

Masai youngsters

Some of the local Masai tribe youngsters were out in the bush hoping to snare a traveler. They did catch Paul who had to haggle quite a long time to determine what to trade for a photo.

Masai village

The Masai huts are made of mud mixed with dung. The huts are cool inside but very dark. There is also room for some of the livestock though the main herd are corralled in the center of all the huts.

Some of the sights of Africa can be quite beautiful in their own way. I truly believe that there is something magic in the air in Africa. The wide open spaces. The animals. And of course the people.