Eyes of SWILD


Great White Shark Cage Diving - Gaans Bay, South Africa - August

A great white shark comes in for the bait...

This 4m great white shark is cruising just below the surface opposite the cage. Once you've suited up in a wet suit (the water is really cold), you have to jump from the boat gunwale through the cage trapdoor (preferably when a great white is not thrashing against the side of the cage). It's important to keep your arms inside, otherwise they can become 'nibbles' for the entertainment. This is extreme SWILD adventure.

Check with Brian, the owner at the 19th Hole and Great White Shark Cage Diving, for best visibility and great white occurrences.

A cage for safety

The cage has room for two divers. You feel like peas in a pod every time the great white bangs into the cage. We saw 6 great whites over a 4 hour period. Most are them are pretty shy apart from the hungry one seen here that hung around for over an hour. (image used by permission)

View of shark bite

Here the great white is about to bite and swallow the chunk of butter fish bait. This shot was taken from the inside of the cage. The great white will pass within 6 inches of the cage or actually rub against it in slow motion.

Thumbs up from the author

Paul can be seen here. Cost for the trip is 500 Rand (approx. U$75) (prices may go up). During the trip you'll also visit the seal colonies (excellent great white food). We also cast and caught some 5kg fish while in the area. .