Eyes of SWILD

  SkyDiving in England & California

SkyDiving is a pure adrenaline rush. Nothing beats the feeling of doing a triple back flip while clinging for your life from an external grip on the side of a DC3 at 15,000 ft. The DC3 above is flying over Skyfest at Netheravon Joint Services Air Base in England.

Here's Paul flying and having a good time posing for the camera. Nothing captures the magic of skydiving, except skydiving.


Sky Surfing is a whole new sport. It looks easy but you can really screw up fast. But it sure is fun.

Jerry Loftis, above, at Byron, California, experimented with a lot of board designs in the early '90's.

The tension really builds while waiting to get to altitude. Once you're out of the plane, it feels great.

Canopy Relative Work (CRW) is impressive. You really need to know what your doing. Above is the Joint Services from Netheravon, England during the mid '80's. Gear has improved a lot since then, so this is a very impressive stack. The last thing you want in CRW is a wrap.


Paul and Jani at Byron, California, rehearse a photoshoot for an advertising campaign.

Just make sure you hold onto the card no matter what!

'Dare To Try' - a Quest Assignments campaign.

Tandem can sure be interesting when you take your clothes off. It can get real cold too!

Phil Moss is all smiles. He said it 'sure felt good'!

Matthias is brighter than a Chiquita banana.

The DC3 'Air Atlantique' was a great plane to jump. The Pilotus Porters were also great fun and could get up to altitude in a jiffy.

The initial feeling is the best. You're totally free. The adrenaline is pumping. Your heart beat is off the scale. Your mind is totally clean. All very SWILD.

Another attempt at a 'Merry Christmas' message. What's the camera man doing over there?

Out of all the planes and helicopters I've jumped, I like the camaraderie of the DC3. There's plenty of room, music, you can talk, and it's easy to exit in large formations.

Here's a shot of the inside of the DC3 with plenty of stickers plastered everywhere.

Just remember to breathe!

3, 2,1 - Gooooooo! You're flying!

Time for some relative work and a 6 way. Smile for the camera!