Eyes of SWILD

Location Scouting for 'Qwexx - Primal Instincts' 'in Southern Africa - 2002
Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique

Miles and miles and miles ...

The Kalahari is big. Bigger every time I visit. And always easier to get lost finding something new. I insist on a long bed Nissan. They truly survive 4 wheel driving in Africa.

Hot Air Ballooning

Paul at dawn. Heading for the red dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia at 500 foot for a crest skimming movie camera exercise. Wow!

Sselket - Leopard Feeder

Sselket just makes sure they're sleepy, in the shade, and not hungry. And then checks their teeth. Very SWILD. Hey, who said a leopard had to brush anyway?

Old Vlei - hot!

Old Vlei is where the parched desert is revealed with scorched tree trunks.

Feeding Time

Harnas Reserve, a sanctuary for orphaned animals, will provide the animals for the 'human kill' of the bad guy.

Tasty Zebra

These animals are trained to chase their food on 500m 'moving' runs (like rabbits and greyhounds). They are getting faster and smarter.

Hang On

Victoria Falls. Just after dawn. Chilly. But breathtaking especially when the sting of the cold fall's mist hits your face in the open cockpit. It's a long way down...

'Razor' - Male Hyena

Orphaned. Two year's old - but he's still a menace. Bit off the ear of a one year old female hyena. Seems friendly until he swallows a couple of your fingers.

Adopted Cheetahs

Lueki, foreground, is an adopted two year old female Cheetah at Harnas. She and all the other 8 week old orphans broke their legs as they grew up. All were saved. Calcium deficiencies that fake milk can't fix.

Jet Boating Up Rapids

This was SWILD! These 750 hp aluminum skin jet boats get airborne way too easily...

Grubs Up

It takes time to band saw up old horses. Just watch your fingers. All work is volunteer at Harnas - that's if you want to visit and bottle feed the lion cubs.

Pedro - Sherpa

26 years old, and not an ounce of fat, is well suited to carry camera equipment through the dunes and swamps of Benguerra Island, Mozambique.


A listed site, the Bazaruto Archipelago has Incredible vistas, fresh water crocodiles, and immense white sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

Dunes of Benguerra

This is just at the base of the dune. It's a long way up with an on shore breeze. Ideal for the hang gliding - excellent thermals and freight trains (daily, morning cumulonimbus).

Dunes to Crocodiles

Watch out for the crocodiles in the fresh water swamp.

Shipwrecked Scene

Lots of beautiful wood on the shore.

Another Hole

The local fishermen and their villages provides a real life backdrop to Benguerra.

Monster Crayfish

Benguerra is doing well. There's some onshore garbage blown in by the trade winds. No tarred roads - just some sand trails. Healthy local harvesting of resources for 1,000 indigenous villagers.

Razor Back Paragliding

Just north of Cape Town, South Africa. Some razor-backed mountains offer excellent thermaling and ridge soaring over the famous wineries below.

Old 'One Tooth'

Nice teeth. Except one of them is really loose and sticking out. Next time you swim past my cage, I might pluck it out.

Wrap Up

Lots of crabs are caught by the local fishermen.