Eyes of SWILD

  Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - The Adrenaline Capital of Africa
The Gorge Swing
The Gorge Swing at Victoria Falls is the meanest freefall I've ever done. It's a 100m drop with a swing of an eternity, and there's hardly anything to grab onto on the other side. Pure SWILD adrenaline!

Microliting over Vic Falls
Microlighting over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia sure gets damp. But the views are spectacular. These crazy flying machines can outrun a herd of stampeding elephants who took umbrage to my low-level presence.

Beaches of Zanzibar

The storm never came but the fishermen kept on netting the fish off the east coast of Zanzibar. No roads, no hotels, no tourists. With a dirt bike motorbike, you can get just about anywhere.

Bush Planing in the Serengeti
Flying around the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater in a safari bush plane. Two days later, the pilot had a bad day and crashed the plane into a mountain, killing all twelve aboard.

White Water Rafting the Zambeze
The Zambezi is the swildest river I've ever been on. Twenty three mind-numbing rapids that flip rafts and chew you up until you say uncle. I have never been underwater for so long in my life.

Masai Tribespeople

Paul with the local Masai in Tanzania. Everyone wanted the temporary tattoos he was handing out. He almost got speared in the melee.

The beautiful beaches of Zanzibar 30 miles of aqua marine waters lapping a white sand beach framed with coconut trees in a cooling breeze - that's Zanzibar, a remote island off Africa. Just pure paradise. Bungee Jumping the Zambezi Bungee jumping was a breeze over the Zambezi. Lots of music, screaming onlookers and river rafters that tease you while you're dangling upside down. Victoria falls Victoria Falls is just spectacular. There's this sound of rolling thunder as you approach. There's this mist in the air, rainbows on the horizon and just hundreds of majestic views.