Eyes of SWILD


The Making of 'Xeegle1' - Concept Vehicle
City of Lake Tahoe Police Highway Cruiser

  • Xtra fast + Eagle + First => Xeegle1
  • More details below of the making of Xeegle1
  • Check out the making of Koyote, the SWILD Rescue vehicle


It wasn't easy. Porsche Boxsters have lots of curves. Not the best type of shapes to adhere flat white zebra stripes to. But then again, it's a police cruiser and it needs some camouflage.


Quest Assignments, the ad agency, did the 3D computer design and transferred it to the white labels.

The stripes had to be reworked slightly when they were applied. They didn't always go on as planned.

Once SWILD is in production, the movie taglines will be removed and the 'Police' letters added to the front, back and sides.

Here's the cutting board using the computer designs to create the zebra stripes.

Sometimes they put down a whole stripe only to have it wrinkle on the final corner. Once that happens, you have to peel the whole thing off.

Xeegle1 will also be fitted with the police lights.

The Boxter's top speed is 152 mph - fast enough for most car chases.

Definitely zebra-striped.

The siren is powered by the six speaker sound system with a subwoofer. It really can cut through the night.

Guard dog?

This shot is at an odd angle. Can you figure it out?

The camouflage stripes flow around Xeegle1 mimicking the natural zebra pattern. We tried to imagine how the zebra stripes would evolve if a zebra became shaped like a Boxster.

The final extra wide zebra stripes were added in the rear to give Xeegle1 a powerful 'look'. You'd think the black and white stripes would make it stand out. In fact, it's best best camouflage pattern around.

SWILD advertising adorns the trunk.

Xeegle1. Real mean. Real fast.